Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins

Murder by Injection - Eustace Mullins

Murder by injection is one of the most important books ever written. It’s out of print and very expensive to buy on Amazon. You can download it here for free. There used to be a Eustace Mullins website but I think its down. Do whatever you can to support conspiracy book authors and their next of kin since they are the only people who will give you their work for free.

I have more to say about this subject and I’ll get back to it when I have time. I don’t appreciate White Nationalists calling him USELESS Mullins. Ezra called him that in jest. That article in occidental upset me. People in the White Nationalist movement seem to think Mullins was more damaging than useful to the movement.

Most of Mullins sources have turned out to be 100% percent correct in light of the Bohemian Grove membership lists that have come out. I registered a domain for Eustace and I am one of his proteges who is continuing where he left off. The domain is An appropriate website for possibly one of America’s greatest patriots.

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  1. Hi
    I cannot begin to tell you how much Eustaces book Secrets of The Federal Reserve has affected my world view and life. I consider it the most important book ever written and understand why it was ordered destroyed. I would like very much to correspond with you regarding the book and how we can continue to spread the most important of truths.
    Sincere Regards and heartfelt though somewhat belated condolences for the passing of a truly visionary writer.

    Barry Metin

  2. I agree,if Eustace’s work is useless and unverivable.Why are so many plagerizing his work’s and willing to pay to so much to obtain them?You have to understand that while allegdedly the white nationalist are not FREAK MASON,they use the NATIONALIST baner which the SOCIALIST ASHKENAZI PARTY USED

  3. I agree , why are they so willing to pay so much for his book,s?IIf they can’t be verified? You need to remember the NATIONIST WHITE , OR , SOCALIST PARTY IS COMMMUNIST!!!!! I see them buying their dope from their NEGRO BROS,S!!! daily in my HOOD,with,,and I am sick of breathing their meth fumes!! I PRAY TO JESUS, THEY AND THEIR PIG,S AND FIRE DEPT,.ARE THERE WHEN THEIR NEGRO,S BLOW THEM SELVES UP and GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eugene Hall THIS IS FROM ROK. AKA ROANOKE,VA. A HAVEN FOR METH. LAVATITORIES,GANG’S’, DOPE
    DEALER’S ,NON’VIOLENT DOPE DEALER’S HA HA HA, I hope they all burn in HELL!!!!!!!!!!


    Did you ever think thank that the above American manhood were an enemy unto themselves, when the dirty bastard Eisenhower sent paratroopers into Little Rock Arkansas, and shoved bayonets into the backs of school children, as they were compelled to march to class under martial law? Since that generation have died out their contemporary descendants, manhood, have become a race of cowards. Arse kissing is man’s forwardness now.
    Cannot these dumbed-down freaks of nature realize that America is now under raw political control with an infestation of alien cutthroats, that harbor sexual degeneration as phallus worshipers, in corrupting helpless school children now under the incipient shell of universal Bolshevism. Bolshevism is a mental disorder moving across the globe in various political fashions, in watering down a criminal nation’s disgust with western civilization.

    These outcasts being run out of Asia are moving into America from eastern Europe. This trek began in 1812. Uncle Sam, through the psychology of passion, implicitly, collectively, have a fifty-state post Roman social engineering geared to individual innate contempt and hate for sectarian rule has rolled over into liberalism. The
    mode of Machiavellian imposition is simple. Provide idle and gullible-minded mobs with multiple sports and plenty of sexual degeneration. Stagnated and impotent blockhead arses can be stalked through massive sublimation.

    Yes, indeed, uncle Sam is put away into the wood shed and sleeps with contempt and self-hatred, with little resistance as to the alien invasion of global revolutionaries, as international proletarians in an alliance with oriental fundamentalism’s rebounding from America’s gradual expansion, as gradual imperialism has taken roots in rerouting a once free nation, America, right into the ancient Babylonian imperialist plunder, of which was the intention as ham’s descendants with their anti-semitic spiritual inclinations to make war on God’s chosen seed, the Israelite nation, as derived from the nation of Shem. No doubt about it: the democratic/republican machine has become one gargantuan monster of oppression and a seat of double-dealing scoundrels being housed under the shed of a commie-guild-ed nest of political gangsters in hock to a national machine of pro-Bolsheviks, while America dashes headlong into an ever incipient expansion of universal socialism.

    • If you take everything normal, good, honorable, decent, moral and caring and apply satanism you get the world we live in. You are not alone in your dismay.

    Sara relates: ” Let me reassure you America was never great in the battle field nor has the United States brought peace and security to the world. America’s greatness is the products of Hollywood movie.” Hogorina’s rebuttal: ” Sarah, A respond was forwarded regarding WW11, military might and HOLLYWOOD. ” This post with much historicity was not posted. Can you explain why. Your oridnary bread and butter pablum of socialism is not for me–no special grind of social engineering fits my better half.My own drummer leads me alone down the path of genuine republicanism. True we do have a pseudo Democracy/Republic–things will change.
    In summing up Sara’s and an earlier e-mailer’s ideas existing amongst western and eastern Europe, as usual, Hollyweird is forever polishing the mind-bending flicks of
    the hand-me-down plague of socialism in most films. The only conclusion is that the screen Actor’s Guild, rubbish, which has had long ago existed is up and running.
    Do a little research and you might comprehend the vicious cycle of wealth, gun powder and global explortation behind the scenes of Russia and Amrican political whoredom. In 1892, Cecil Rhodes, billionaire, sat up the Pilgrim Society. This secret organization is still in existence under present day organizational variations. Rhodes was a representative of London’s,( Empire of the City). And it exists today. This society is a Super State. This one-eyed invisibal cylops is the master influence behind international finance. Now you have a picture! What you think matters little. Most likely, this information will wind up in file 13, the trash dumpster. We will see!

    The original beginning point for the so named Gulag, that most people are caught in, is because well informed citizens have no comprehension of Article 6, Sec, 6 of the Constitution. Clearly, this section makes it plain that all fifty states are nothing less than provinces of mother England’s indirect rule under treaty obligations. The Rothschild’s worked behind the scenes with specific founding fathers, in planting the Treaty clause, with both Tories and Whigs. The overthrow of our Republic was well thought of in advance. International financiers wire pulled this deal off after the Constitution was ratified, and the treaty weapon was inserted. We can scream Gulag as we please, but a global religious war is the third rail that political whores avoid, Adding to this insult, was creating a nine justice membership to the Supreme Court. In essence, one plant like Kegan can break a tie, and compel three hundred million Americans what to do. Communism is thought control. Gulags are adjuncts of pseudo political whoredom. One never bites the hand that feeds them. Bread from a two-party feeding trough is better than plowing some field through sweat and brawn, while using a mule’s behind as a compass. Shakespeare and Machiavelli were never proclaimed patriots. Both pseudo political whoring parties and their being controlled by a national syndicate of prospective social engineering have be -damned America, to the point of no return. The mass media is in alliance with traitors within the highest echelons of national government. The only real Gulag is the invisible rule through a Congress that has no gall to break with the approaching collectivism, of an ever encroaching national nihilism, that has been subconsciously ingrained via alien invasion, through higher education. We have may horses in waiting, but not one Patrick Henry to spread an alarm, nor Thomas Paine to openly pulpit the rights and duties of the elected, to proclaim freedom for America, and to hell with any Oriental perceptions that manage to spread openly among a people of whom are blinded by political traps, to lead men back into mental slavery—–THOUGHT CONTROL THROUGH COMMUNIST CONTROL !


    +Bertharina Rina This is very very powerful! All people need to read this! You are such a gifted writer that God has inspired me to urge you to write articles and have them published where everyone can read them! A book would be a great thing for you to do but, not enough people read books and with all the books out there it is almost redundant and useless at this point! Your works need to be accessible to the masses. Those who would be awakened by the sparks contained in these words of truth and sobriety. This is the reality we are in and people must realize it has been brewing now for many decades.They must also realize that we are NOW frogs boiling in water”! Americans need to LEARN from this and see where and how they went wrong. They need to understand that every move they have made has been booby trapped ,rigged and altered for them to unknowingly cause the disease in their nation to flourish. They need to realize that their mortgage money and savings have been used against their nation’s security and ability to thrive. They need to realize where their tax dollars have been going for the past 100 or so years. They need to wake up and realize just how serious this is! Most of all they need to realize how badly they have been manipulated and engineered psychologically! Sometimes I believe God will allow things to get so bad in order for people to learn.THIS is a most stubborn generation and I’m afraid that these people are going to have to suffer badly in order to ever gain focus and character! You are being a true Christian by sharing your gifts of insight,wisdom and truth! I have been ashamed of so many of associations including the Christian ones for acting as though God is going to wave his arm like superman and part the sea for them so they can continue their selfish childish thinking and NEVER LEARN WHY THIS IS HAPPENING OR LEARN HOW THEY CAN HELP MAINTAIN FREEDOM IN THEIR NATION THAT THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TO BEGIN WITH! They act as though this place is just a meaningless stage that is going to be wreckage! They take it for granted and stand by and let “the devil” devour it like a vulture! To me they are no different than the non-Christians who gave up into drugs! That is no definition or example of faith in my book! It looks to me LIKE THE SAVED NEED TO BE SAVED!

  8. Bertharina Rina’s profile photo
    Bertharina Rina
    The Study of mother nature respectively as to unpolluted water and its vital necessity in protecting the lower animal world against man’s various activities —- lead to passing off deadly jack-jawed mentally cultivated bacteria via spheres contrary to healthy living must be considered. The loathsome disease of political whoredom’s two party augmented devised mental syphilis of organic poisoning brought on by excessive alcohol with the consumption of unregulated bacteria loaded processed foods; and most of all, struggling through life with a hobo’s mentality of degradation, in official prostitutional whore mongering is a direct duality between bacteria and water poisoning, because bribes in all industries contributing directly in ruining the nation’s pure water supply are passed onto organized thieves, turning their heads in protecting public health and the lower animal order.

    First hand experience with an industry in the ship-building field is the guiding light in making accusations against OSHA as one governmental orientated department, supposedly, having an interest in the area of any industry with ship construction, or repairs.

    Observation was that for years oil and manure was flushed into a local river in poisoning ocean life and killing wild animals and birds while heads were turned the other way. One could observe human feces and oil drifting along year after year.

    The most harbored and obnoxious thought against local political syphilis was to watch fish netted and put on the local market. Much bottom feeders such as mullet found their way into local tourist traps. Openly we can note the political connection between bacteria and scoundrels being bribed in high office. The saddest thing is to note as to how OSHA wore blinds; and millions that were passed to localized political whoredom through bag men or ladies.The-Red-light districts had more to offer tourism than bacteria loaded mullet; customers could enjoy river food from the local sludge flow.

    Nationwide such assertions can be made. There is no confidence within many states with whom are allied with public serving rogues in feathering their own nests while helpless citizens can go straight to hell! The only answer to this whole riddle of bacteria and political whores is to go out and vote the inefficient fools back into office. By nature, humanoids are more disposed to suffer evils ( pollution ) while evils ( politicians ) are sufferable. If the national sewer of political syphilis is allowed to expand through herd-like dispositions of a mob-like cancerous expansion, then America will gradually become a national disaster of wide spread bacterial implosion. Political whoredom and enhanced as a
    poisonous viper will be the eventual death and decline of a Republican / Democratic system will continue to roll over into a national metropolitan sewer in the hands of sickened political whores fastening onto the innocent hides of tax-payers’ Eradicate them ! back to the rural outhouses where many leaned that mother nature cannot be aborted on either end; the master political prostitute ends up as a fish out of water, where these anti-social clowns ruined the amphibian water kingdom, which balances out nature’s structure, specifically the creatures, that survive in water for the most part of their existence.

    Mentally ustable souls deceived by LIES, Fables, & Trickery.
    That—all religions are not manmade, Illusionary souls.
    That—churches are supported through tax payer’s money.
    That—there are two global Israels overlapping double talk.
    That—the District of Columbia allies with the London City.
    That—all fifty states are merely appendages to Britain.
    That—the City/County Management system are gangsters
    and silent investors. Too, that this machine is alien moneys.
    That—every state functions under an invisible hand, of which has
    ties back to eight hundred BCE. Too, that this mysterious
    machine functions amidst two nations on earth–Israel and
    Esau. Too, that the scriptures are relative to one nation,
    That—for decades all Presidents were compelled to lay their left
    Hand on Old Testament scriptures. This completely
    Disregards Jesus Christ. The ruling invisible hand requires
    This is a bench mark between the Talmud and holy writ.
    That—the first WW was fought for an so-called invisible empire.
    Too, WW11 futured the ideal of this invisible power. Back to
    WW1, the continent of Europe’s nations, the leading Israeli
    descendants were put to death—the blood line to be
    literally extinguished. Too, multinations within America
    have become a national melting pot, in order to pollute the
    nations that God originated, for his own purposes. Too, that
    this same God created all opposition for His own reasons..
    That—Sec: 6, Art. 6, of the Constitution on TREATIES was
    grandfathered in after the original was accepted. Too, that
    Rothschilds slipped this article in. Too, through the State
    Department, the hidden hand works hand-in-glove. Plainly,
    All fifty-states are in alien cultural, political and religious
    bondage. Too, without this named treaty, our country would
    be free. The State Dept. has always housed bastards. spies!
    That—communism is an act of political futility. Nothing comes free.
    We must look back, when three dirty bastards collided with
    Russian Bolshevism–scoundrels, Roosevelt, Churchill, and
    Josepth Stalin. Bolshevism has reconnoided with a pseudo
    Democracy of which is eating the guts out of decent souls
    with the sly method of a ravishing, and incrediable, pro-
    SOCIALIST state of open larceny with federal robbery.
    That– that the late President Ike Eisenhower committed terrific
    murders on the continent of Europe. As alied Commander
    during WW11, this blood-thirsty criminal, & whore monger,
    murdered innocent souls. Too, he was not born within our
    America. Ike was born in Germany. He of Israeli ancestry.
    That—the Communist Party, USA, is a front for social beguilement,
    while its gang in power controls the NATIONAL news media
    and entertainment functionaries. Harry S. Truman, unelecte
    President in 1945 fired General’s Patton and MacArthur in
    1950, because they opposed Harry’s betrayal of this USA.
    Harry was always surrounded by spies and criminals.
    Yes, a diabolical criminal. After WW11 Joseph Stalin,
    BOLSHEVIC lnstructed Harry on Communist foreign policy,
    within the Council on Foreign Relations, and the State Dept.
    Our socialist confederation of Reds in all states and national
    Government. Indeed a trenendous grip on this once free
    Republic. AMERICA IS WASHED UP! FEMA and SWAT awaits.
    That—NATO is for imperialism, and the material rape of all Mid-East

    move while meddling into Mohammadism–these are
    of Esau’s contemporary decendantcy. A leopard cannot
    Change its spots. Edomites, Esau’s crowd has bastardised
    twenty-six third world nations. Assyria, and the state of
    Israel holds the key for the future destruction of God’s
    Seed-lineage across the world. The biggest fraud against
    these damned fools and low-class sons of bitches is that
    their alegience is to further Esau’s plan to socialise America.
    THAT-The master key to world history is religion and race. First,
    Run all pro-communist bastards out of the State Dept. Then,
    Jail the sons of bitches out of Congress who are traitors.
    Further, close down the Supreme Court–satanic operate
    scoundrels roost there. Christ, a Judean, stated that the
    rooster would crow before he His betrayal–one of His
    Followers fulfilled this warning. While America sleeps; this
    Nation is prepairing its own guillotine. We can be guillotined
    One at a time, or be bladed together.
    That— simple simon is up and running, most citizens yawn, roll
    Over and sleep. This hog will never seek a better trough;
    for he keeps one eye open, and is a watch dog, while his
    decerning as to how ( TREATIES ) are the roots of Satan
    & his family of devils roosts within the halls of national
    Government. The greatest threat to our toddling nation is
    Phallus worship and child molestation and totem pole
    philosophies geared to individual survival, while fate
    Withdraws its withering hand leaving society to stew
    Under the fangs of a global heathen monster operating
    Right among confederated states.

  10. most people do not understand the ‘BLOOD CONNECTIONS’, but some will eventually and regret what they have done. I have studied it for years. I lost everything, I was an insurance agent very involved with a good relationship, home, and have lived on and off streets in a state I do not want to be in, I was told by police back home they need to be shot for what they did to me. I have had numerous death threats by all colors of so called men. Local blacks look out for me more here than anyone else. I’ve can’t keep work to keep roof over my head, raped, arm broken by Latin King spice head, i lost my drivers license before leaving Florida from being what I call zapped. Howard Vergales, real estate agent in Jacksonville Florida, was their mouthpiece and he will pay.

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