Eustace Mullins on the New World Order

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Part 1 Eustace Mullins talks about the New World Order

Eustace Mullins (born 1923) is an American political writer, author, biographer, and the last surviving protege of the 20th century intellectual and writer, Ezra Pound. As of 2005, Eustace Mullins is a member of the Southeast Bureau editorial staff of far-right Willis Carto’s American Free Press. He is also a contributing editor to the Barnes Review.


Eustace Clarence Mullins, Jr. was born in Roanoke, Virginia, the third child of Eustace Clarence Mullins (1899-1961) and his wife Jane Katherine Muse (1897-1971). His father was a salesman in a retail clothing store.


Eustace Mullins was educated at Washington and Lee University, New York University, the University of North Dakota and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (Washington, D.C.)


In December 1942, at Charlottesville, Virginia he enlisted in the military as a Warrant Officer. He is also a veteran of the United States Air Force, with thirty-eight months active service during World War II.

Ezra Pound

Mullins was a student of the poet and political activist Ezra Pound. He states that he frequently visited Pound during his period of incarceration in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for the Mentally Ill in Washington, D.C. between 1946 and 1959. Mullins claimed that Pound was, in fact, being held as a political prisoner on the behest of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Mullins’ most notable work, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, was commissioned by Pound during this period, and written in consultation with George Stimpson, founder of the National Press Club[1] Mullins claims that at the time he was writing his first book, he was on the staff of the Library of Congress, but that shortly after it came out in 1952, he was fired. This is repeated by Boller and George (They Never Said It: A Book of Fake Quotes, Misquotes, and Misleading Attributions, by Paul F. Boller, Jr. and John George, published by Oxford University Press (1989), p. 15. The word “discharged” is used, rather than fired.)

By 1995, Eustace was writing for Criminal Politics: “A good example of these other paths is Criminal Politics, where Lawrence Patterson and his cohorts, including Eustace Mullins and Fletcher Prouty, scour the world for evidence of conspiracies within the world’s power structure.” (Danky, Jim, and John Cherney. “An outpouring of right-wing publications cover all social issues”. St. Louis Journalism Review 25.n179 (Sept 1995): 27(1). InfoTrac OneFile. Thomson Gale.) “Eustace Mullins, who was a researcher at the Library of Congress in 1950 when McCarthy asked him to look into who was financing the Communist Party, was the keynote speaker at a dinner Sunday evening sponsored by the Sen. Joseph McCarthy Educational Foundation. “I’ve come to believe in recent years that he started to turn the tide against world communism,” said Mullins.” (The Capital Times, Madison, WI, May 21, 2001, p. 3A. Full Text Newspapers. Thomson Gale)[2]


In Secrets of the Federal Reserve (1952), Mullins highlighted a purported conspiracy among Paul Warburg, Edward Mandell House, Woodrow Wilson, J.P. Morgan, Charles Norris, Benjamin Strong, Otto Kahn, the Rockefeller family, the Rothschild family, and other European and American bankers which resulted in the founding of a privately owned, US central bank.



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  1. Dear Admin,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, What is a new world order I remember Pres Bush 41 gave a speech on sept 11 1991 about the new world order? What does it means?
    Good Job!

  2. He was dedicating the world order to Lucifer. Lucifer’s eye is on the dollar bill hovering over the unfinished pyramid.

    • SUPREME COURT SATAN’S HANG OUT. Naturally, all presidents are sworn in by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, while pressing down their left hands upon the Old Testament. A specific passage of one specific prophet reads beneath the palm, in taking an oath in swearing before God. Conclusion is that the New Testament is completely ignored. If this is true, then what God is being referred to, as there are numbers of {gods} referenced to in the Old Testament. There are many {gods} and numerous religions today. Looking at this political procedure in rescuing the highest position of state brings out attentiven­ess back to the late Presidential Eisenhower’s Era. During WW11, this sycophant was in Berlin Germany. Jehovah Witnesses had been interned in Germanic with-holding camps during the conflict. It is well known that these individual­s were given special treatment and free run in prison camps. General Eisenhower­’s parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is not known that Ike was a witness or not, but remember, known prison camp witnesses have said very little of these confinemen­t camps. And here is the riddle: Why do ignorant clergymen in Protestant and Catholic residency still attach themselves to the cross. The Pauline Gospel is locked in between modern day Babylonian religious pied piper’s totem pole, in the mystery of iniquity. The truth will make one free with the truth. First one must compel
      self-study of God’s doctrine honestly, rather than ravishing through books in the commercial industries.

  3. Hey There Admin,
    Very interesting, Heck you can combine the entire world together and you will not get a prison population like that in America. The cities are not safe at all and there is a hell of a lot of crime in them. Most of the people who go to jail for the first time are there for minor offenses. The sad part is that when they do come out, they are much worse than when they went in. Can we honestly say with a straight face that the war on drugs is successful?…

    Are the residents of the U.S. worse behaved than other countries? Absolutely not, to the contrary U.S. residents are generally far friendlier and less aggressive than those found in most other countries. Why the outrageous numbers? Clearly the government has a plan which looks awfully similar to those of Hitler & Stalin. In fact the same groups who funded both Hitler and Stalin own and control our Federal Reserve Bank and our government (Two must read books: Eustace Mullins’ “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” & Antony C. Sutton’s “America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones”

    • Two years into the war the 3rd Reichs court system had nothing to do anymore due to not enough crime. Organized crime was crushed. Small time crime started to dry out.
      The repeat offenders were put in jail for life.
      The leaders of the socialist movement’s were put in jail and camps. The six million communists in Germany were not touched. Hitler didnt do that what Stalin did. The whole idea of Hitler was saving Germans and Europe from Stalin.

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